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You’ve heard of roadside assistance. When your car breaks down or you hit a snag on a the highway, there’s someone to help who knows exactly what’s going on and has access to all the diagnostics for your car. Well, it’s the same concept here, but we call it Gut-Side Assistance™.

Let’s say you’re in the midst of a digestive symptom flare with debilitating pain and diarrhea. You simply grab your phone, log the symptoms and help is on the way. A Care Team member will be in touch right away to help you through the crisis. Plus, through GIThrive, they’ll already have all your background info at their fingertips. This means you don’t have to answer 1000 questions before getting support!

For emergency situations, we can coordinate real-time intervention, completely removing  burdens so you can get the help you need fast.

What’s more, the Care Team is available 24/7.

And it doesn’t stop at gut health. Care Teams are multidisciplinary and ready to respond in real time for other things:

  • Emotional issues like stress, anger, or overwhelming sadness
  • Life issues like a major family event or relationship breakup
  • Medication concerns like side effects, drug interactions, OTC safety, and alternative treatments
  • Food issues like what’s allowed on your plan and what’s not, substitutes for trigger foods…even what to order when you’re out to eat

All available with the touch of a button