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Interesting thing…
It turns out, digestive health is really complex. It’s not just about what you eat or some condition you’ve been diagnosed with. Gut issues, and getting a handle on them, are about so much more.

Lifestyle issues play a ginormous role in gut health. If we threw all the research at you, it would make your head spin. So, we don’t do that. Instead we just make it fun.

Through GIThrive, we serve up simple, engaging daily activities you do right from your phone or PC. They kind of trick your brain to form healthy habits that really stick.

A bit of
TRUTH and then
the DARE

Tell Us
if you
did it!

How does it work?

Ever played Truth or Dare? Well, you’ll get both. First there’s the TRUTH—the science bit—and then the DARE, where you’re challenged to do a short, fun activity related to the science. The dare part—actually doing something—is what really makes the concept stick. It sounds simple, and for you it is, but the psychological research behind it is quite profound.

And there’s more.

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