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A Growing Epidemic

Chance are, you know someone with digestive disease. Over 70 million Americans have a digestive condition. That’s TWICE the number with diabetes! And it’s rising.

  • Food allergies are more prevalent than ever. Just think about the explosion of gluten- and dairy-free options at your local grocery store.
  • Our diets are poorfast food, empty calories, soda addictions.
  • Stress—latest research on the brain-belly connection is incredible.

Cost of health and Rx claims related to digestive trouble: $136 billion / year. Digestive diseases are the second highest healthcare expense in the US—second only to cancer! People with gut trouble miss work a staggering 35 days/year.

The thing is, even though 1 in 3 adults and 50% of women have digestive trouble, no one wants to talk about it…due to stigma.

Annual Productivity | Loss & Cost per Person
Chronic Pain
High Cholesterol
47% | $996
33% | $878
27% | $1,601
20% | $203
18% | $183
13% | $802
11% | $324
1% | $996


Workplace Impairment


Quality of Life

Living with any chronic condition can be complicated, stressful and isolating, but it’s especially difficult when that condition comes with unpredictable and embarrassing symptoms like diarrhea, constipation, vomiting, and nausea.

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Lack of Adequate Care

On one end of the spectrum are doctors who want to scope and/or prescribe one-size-fits-all medication fixes that only work temporarily and come with awful side effects. Plus, digestive disease is complex. Drugs are only part of the equation and don’t work for everyone.

Average wait time to see a gastrointestinal specialist in the US:

60-90 days

On the other end of the spectrum are “new age” solutions peddled by supposed gurus who promise to cure you with a confusing regimen of herbal supplements, elixirs and alternative therapies.

We Get It

Gut health is complex. You want answers, but how can you tell what’s real and what’s pseudo-science?

As the digestive health experts, gut health is our passion. We aren’t embarrassed to talk about digestion…we welcome it! Just check out our FAQ page.