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The Status Quo: What ISN’T working

When it comes to digestive health, the conventional approach turns into a frustrating, hopeless cycle for many people.

Repeated doctor visits and medical tests Unclear results Chronic Symptoms Expensive Rx drugs Awful side effects ER visits Surgery* Repeated doctor visits and medical tests

* 70% with IBD eventually need surgery

Typical Scenario

  • Symptoms you can’t ignore any longer – diarrhea, pain, fatigue. Can’t miss too much work or you’ll lose your job.
  • Take off work to see your regular doctor. Get a referral to a GI specialist
  • Wait 60-90 days for an appointment
  • Take off work to go to GI appointment. Find out GI doc doesn’t take your insurance
  • Search for another doc and wait another 60-90 days.
  • Meantime, go to regular MD again because pain is unbearable (Take off work again) Get Rx with side effects like diarrhea, vomiting, headache (the very things you’re seeking treatment for!)
  • Take off work again to see GI doc. Get literally 10 minutes of facetime before you’re referred for a colonoscopy
  • Take off work 3 days for colonoscopy: 1 day to prep (ugh) + 1 day for procedure + 1 day to deep clean your bathroom
  • Take off work again for follow-up appointment. Find out you might have a diagnosable condition but more tests are needed
  • More time off work. Wait 1 week for results.
  • Symptoms persist. You start passing blood or have pain so severe you wonder if your insides are literally trying to kill you. You go to the ER.
  • Congrats, you need surgery. A portion of your gut is so inflamed it must be removed. Take off work at least 2-3 weeks.
  • After surgery, you’re cautioned to “eat right and exercise,” but what does that even mean?

At no time in this process did anyone ask…
How’s it going at home?
Do you think your meds are really working? Are they too expensive?
What are you dealing with at work?
What do you like to eat?

Did anyone tell you…
the truth about your meds?
about foods that can heal your inflamed gut?
strategies to reduce your need for expensive drugs?
how to get a better handle on stress?

GIThrive does all this and so much more.
GIThrive gives you what you need, when you need it for better digestive health.

How about alternative treatments?

Maybe you’re fed up with traditional medicine, can’t afford your prescriptions, refuse to be scoped, or  don’t want to talk to anyone, even a doctor, about your embarrassing symptoms. The Internet is full of answers, right? So, you go online and find a website that seems to understand exactly where you’re coming from.

You feel hopeful, get a glimpse at what romance, work, and social life can be if you get your symptoms under control. You figure what the heck, it’s worth a shot… Six months and $600 later, you feel like a sucker who forked over money you really didn’t have just for some online videos and a food journal!

GIThrive is different.
Grounded in science. Proven effective. Built around YOU.