How It Works

What does Vivante Health treatment include?

Expert Insights & Guidance

Members are aided by a Dietitian and Health Sherpa, supported by a multidisciplinary team of pharmacists, research psychologists, microbiome scientists, gastroenterology professionals, and registered nurses working behind the scenes.

Monitoring & Analysis

Our all-in-one solution combines nutrition education, one-on-one coaching, symptom monitoring, and individualized analysis to reduce dependence on specialty medications, increase quality of life, and prevent costly flare-ups.

24/7 Gut-side Assistance

No waiting 60-90 days for an appointment. Gut-side Assistance™ ensures a team of gut health experts have all the background info they need to help—anytime, anywhere—even during a symptom flare.

A multidisciplinary approach to gut health


Grounded in clinical and cutting edge science, our holistic program supplements and maximizes your member’s care plan to prevent costly flare-ups and reduce dependence on specialty drugs.


Gut health and mental health have been shown to be strongly linked. Our behavioral health experts work one-on-one with your members to reduce the impacts of GI conditions their work and personal lives.


Built around your members’ food preferences, we provide personalized food recommendations based on their actual diet and body’s responses to those foods.


Grounded in behavioral psychology, we offer offer a rich library of educational articles and resources. Your members will be able to navigate their way through self-paced, interactive courses when and where it’s convenient for them.

Guided by a personal Care Team


Our Registered Dieticians all have rich backgrounds in studying the effects of food on the digestive process, and are empathetically ready to help create realistic individualized plans for your members.

Health Sherpa

Because the gut is so closely tied with the brain, your members will have 24/7 access to our Health Sherpas to guide them through the psychological effects of making significant behavioral life changes. Health Sherpas are experts in assisting patients on their journey, and provide real-life human encouragement along the way.

Facilitated by brilliant technology & advanced science


GIThrive is our all-in-one technology platform. By using a holistic approach, we provide more actionable insights than ever to help your members manage their digestive conditions.


Our brand new GIMate is a portable breathalyzer that eliminates the guess work from identifying trigger foods. While fitting in the palm of your hand, the GIMate provides a convenient and accurate way to identify trigger foods.


GutCheck is an at-home microbiome analysis of gut bacteria. By analyzing a microbiome, we are able to provide a truly personalized diet, recommendations, and care plans.